fullsizerender2The third book I read was “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne. It’s a real tear-jerker and I read it in two days. It’s about a boy from Berlin who moves to Poland, although at first he doesn’t realise he’s in Poland as he thinks he’s just moved to the German countryside. It touches on the Holocaust and Bruno living next to a concentration camp. John Boyne doesn’t directly tell the reader that  Bruno’s  ( main character) father is working for the Nazis or that Shmuel (second main character, the boy in the concentration camp) is a Jew but the evidence is there and builds up and it gets quite emotional.  But it isn’t like adult books  were they just say how  Hitler had a grotesque way of thinking and that the Nazis were awful, its actually quite light although at times pretty dark and how Bruno gets swept up in the evil all around him. It’s about friendship and how hard it was for people throughout this period.  Sutable for 11+ or mature 10 year olds.

Rated: ***** stars

Lily xxx


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