The second week already and so the fifth book I read was “Best Friends” by Jaqueline Wilson. It wasn’t the most interesting book in the world but I read it because it was quick, easy and fun. The main storyline revolves around best friends (obviously, the clue is in the title!) Alice and Gemma and they have been together all their life, literally because they were born on the same day in the same hospital. So, the quieter one, Alice, has to move to Scotland and it at this point it gets a bit soppy. Gemma, the boisterous one, is left alone “hundreds of miles away” from her all-time “bestie” and thats prety much it really. My favourite character is Gemma’s Grandad who goes out of his way to help her cope with the absence of her best friend.  I think I’ve probably grown out of Jaqueline Wilson now so I would rate this an 8+.

Rating:*** stars

lily xx


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