fullsizerender8Hello again😍! It is the last day of our second week (because it is thursday to thursday) and I have finished a book called “Tom Gates DOGZOMBIES Rule” by Liz Pichon.  Tom Gates is  a fictional character who gets to look after a friend’s pet hamster called ‘Marble’ and it makes an absolute racket in his bedroom at night so he doesn’t get much sleep. As well as this going on he and his friends Derek and Norman try to make a band music video but it doesnt go according to plan…    

I like Tom Gates because it is almost written like a diary but it’s not really a formal diary, so there isn’t for example: “Monday 22 May 2006 12:25 pm”. I really like the different use of fonts and the book makes reading fun for those who aren’t necessarily keen readers.                                                                                                            

I quite like Liz Pichon but I would age rate this book a 9+

Rating:**** stars

Lily xx



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