Hi! The twelfth and last book this week was “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B White and illustrations by Garth Williams. About the book: Fern wakes up one morning to find her father walking out of the house carrying an axe. Being an inquisitive girl, as any eight year old would be, she asked, “Where’s Papa going with that axe?” and her mother replied, “Out to the hoghouse” and Fern said “I don’t see why he needs an axe” and so her mother told her that there were piglets born the night before and one was a runt, so it was very small and weak and it would never amount to anything.  Her father decided to do away with it and when she realised this she persuaded her father not to kill the piglet.

I really like how it’s written from the pigs point-of-view and that it makes you realise that this stuff happens every day: a pig has to go through the horrible experience of death just so you can enjoy your bacon sandwhich for lunch. I really like the spider and how she helps Wilbur escape death. It’s basically about life and death and how  everyone can’t have a long life. But you can escape the clutches of death if you’re careful and cautious. Age rating: 7+.

Rating: ***** stars

Lily xxx


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